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Metallic squealing noise from engine > 2k RPM

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2005 4.0L V6

There is a metallic chirping / squealing noise coming from the engine area over 2000RPM, so every time I shift or I'm on the highway, it's constant.

This started a while ago, and I have changed, in this order:

-Belt tensioner
-Fan clutch
-Idler pulley

Still no change. I'm at a loss. It seems like it could be anything turned by the belt or even the aftermarket parts I've already replaced, which is frustrating.

It's pretty annoying / embarrassing to drive at the moment. Any ideas?

I feel like the water pump might be the next thing to check.
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It could be the timing belt.
Well, it has a timing chain, and that makes noise too (tensioner saddles).
And so do the u-joints. All are on the fix-it list, after I get this damn noise figured out...
Timing chains have a metal slap like a bicycle chain.
Water pump is a low pitched grinding sound, normally the bearing goes bad and will notice blue or green coolant leak on floor or smell it.
Also have you checked power steering?

Try removing belt and start it and listen for it if you still hear it then it could be something internal
But if it goes away you could have a misalign pulley or something belt driven.
Good point, and I'm not seeing any coolant leaking. There's just so much crap on the front of the engine, and it's so noisy up there, it's hard to pinpoint.
I'm starting to think it's a belt squeal. Now I'm wondering if the aftermarket tensioner I installed isn't giving the serp belt enough tension. Is there a way to measure the proper amount of belt tension via deflection or something?
I appreciate the response. It's a possibility.

And...the timing chain does make noise, but it's more of a "whirr" than a squeal (separate issue). I bought an entire timing chain kit (all timing chains, tensioners and guides, oil and water pump) and had planned on doing that whenever I get up the motivation. It's a big project. I'm studying the write-ups on this site.
Just a follow-up.

I did the timing chain tensioners (a nightmare) and the squeal was still there. The secondary tensioners were shot, so at least the whole shebang wasn't in vain. However!
I put a new serpentine belt on, and it squealed for a while, and now...quiet. I've done this before, and the "fix" lasted a few years. So, I guess every few years I'll put a new belt on. Weird.

Somewhere in the middle of this mess I installed a brand new fan clutch, and now it seems like the fan is ALWAYS engaged. Not sure what's up with that....

Now on to U-joints and a fuel gauge sender.
Not sure if it would apply, but Nissan TSB NTB06-072a of 04/18/2007 Drive Belt Noise (applicable to 2005-2007 Frontiers with the VQ-40) notes that on some builds, the power steering pump isn't properly aligned. The TSB offers photos to check and presents a fix if the problem is present.

This is probably not the cause of your noise, as you've replaced the belt and that would fix it temporarily.

My '06 has this problem. I tried to work the TSB (and it's a pain), but couldn't get my power steering pump to free up so that I could straighten it. The hour was late, so I threw in the towel and bolted everything up as it was. I'll try it again someday.
I was wondering about this, but I did unbolt everything belt-driven when I did the timing chains. I figured that when I bolted everything back up there might be some change, but no.

It is related to engine RPM. It would do it when sitting in the driveway if I revved the engine. The new belt seems to have fixed it temporarily.
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