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Metallic squealing noise from engine > 2k RPM

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2005 4.0L V6

There is a metallic chirping / squealing noise coming from the engine area over 2000RPM, so every time I shift or I'm on the highway, it's constant.

This started a while ago, and I have changed, in this order:

-Belt tensioner
-Fan clutch
-Idler pulley

Still no change. I'm at a loss. It seems like it could be anything turned by the belt or even the aftermarket parts I've already replaced, which is frustrating.

It's pretty annoying / embarrassing to drive at the moment. Any ideas?

I feel like the water pump might be the next thing to check.
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Somewhere in the middle of this mess I installed a brand new fan clutch, and now it seems like the fan is ALWAYS engaged. Not sure what's up with that....
OE or aftermarket fan clutch? I put an aftermarket one (not sure on manufacturer) and it sounded like I was driving a hovercraft after that. I returned it and spent the extra $$ on an OE one ($60 more if I recall), and it was quiet as a church mouse after that.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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