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Metallic squealing noise from engine > 2k RPM

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2005 4.0L V6

There is a metallic chirping / squealing noise coming from the engine area over 2000RPM, so every time I shift or I'm on the highway, it's constant.

This started a while ago, and I have changed, in this order:

-Belt tensioner
-Fan clutch
-Idler pulley

Still no change. I'm at a loss. It seems like it could be anything turned by the belt or even the aftermarket parts I've already replaced, which is frustrating.

It's pretty annoying / embarrassing to drive at the moment. Any ideas?

I feel like the water pump might be the next thing to check.
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I hope this isn't the case but you might have a broken timing chain guide. I've got a 2005 V6 as well and back in summer of 2006 I noticed a metallic-like friction noise coming from the engine compartment that was more pronounced at about 2000+ RPM. Took it to one dealership and they changed the idler pulley and said the noise was gone...drove off the lot making the same noise (not cool). Took it to the other dealership near me and they discovered that 2 timing chain guides had broken and the noise was caused by the timing chain drooping and rubbing along another guide below it. They had it for a couple weeks and it is a serious repair (have to remove the front engine cover). At the time I had this issue there was only one other similar model/year in the country that had this problem.

Hope this helps diagnose your issue but I REALLY hope this isn't your issue.
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