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Metallic scraping noise when turning to the left.

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I have a 2015 SV 4x4. Truck has 19k on it. The last few months I've been noticing a noise coming from the front driver's side wheel. It only seems to happen when I turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. Happens in drive and reverse. It's louder when I'm on an incline. I can reproduce the noise if I cut the wheel all the way to the left and drive in a circle but I can't isolate where it's coming from. It sounds like an intermittent metallic scraping noise. Reminds me of the noise when one of the rotors on my mountain bike is no longer true.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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Maybe a piece of gravel or a stick pressing on the sheet metal guard behind the rotor? Causing it to rub?
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