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Ordered a set of Max Liners for the truck as the weather is turning here in Indy. Needed to do a Home Depot run this evening and it started freakin' snowing at lunchtime?! But all the wet weather is a good opportunity to see Collinite 476S doing its thang on the hood...

...and I'm impressed with the 303 Aerospace on the tonneau. Just parked on the slightest of inclines it sheds the rain pretty good

Long bed and cover came in handy picking up 8x4 boards and 8ft sticks of pine tonight. There's a slab door under there too. Everything was bone dry, even on such a grim wet night. Loving it. Thumbs up for the LoRoll 馃憤

Hopefully the floor liners will be arriving Saturday. Will let y'all know how they look.

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The EZ-Down struts are great, I'm very pleased with them. Makes loading while your holding something in your other hand much easier. They take the weight of the tailgate right where it would become an effort lowering it with one hand, and they catch the weight solidly if you just let go and drop it. I tend to lower it until they start to engage, purely out of mechanical sympathy.

Check out Raine's build thread for parts list and an excellent installation guide, with bonus pro tips!

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MaxLiners received and fitted.
This is a good opportunity to give the carpet floor mats a scrub and vacuum before packing away for winter. Drivers side was particularly dirty.

I鈥檝e found that scrubbing the carpet with a brush while dry, rather than going straight in with APC or carpet cleaner, is usually enough to lift most of the dirt with the shop vac. Did the same again with the carpets underneath.

Liners were a little tight going over the hooks. I was worried the holes were going to need a fettle, but the plastic used for the liner is supple enough it鈥檒l pop right over there with a little wiggle and a push.


I鈥榤 impressed with how well they follow every contour. When I first unpacked them I was worried they were twisted and bent, but then realized it was there to clear the raised rectangular jump in the passenger footwell. It can help to leave floor liners out in the sun to soften up a bit if they don鈥檛 quite sit right at first. No such issue with these MaxLiners, though fact they are a little thinner than the WeatherTechs I鈥檝e used before likely helps. Definitely not as stiff & rigid.

Thumbs up for MaxLiner 馃憤

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Winter tires are on order. Went for the new Cooper Evolution Winter in 235/70r16. They are due to be delivered Tuesday, so hopefully I can get them to my tire guy before I fly out for the Baja 1000 on Wednesday.

Only thing left to do is wash the rims. They are very neglected on the inside, so the goal was just to get them as best as possible in the limited time available this morning.
Starting on the back sides, I hit them with Meguiars Hot Rims, gave them a good 鈥榓gitation鈥 and left to dwell before scrubbing & rinsing.
Then a soaking with CarPro Iron-X, leaving to dwell as long as possible without drying.
Rather than straight rinsing, I hit them again with a brush full of Hot Rims, dwell, scrub & rinse. I repeated this again with limited additional results so called that as good as it鈥檚 going to get short of media blasting! Rendered a significant improvement though.
The faces were far better to start with.

After Hot Rims, Iron-X didn鈥檛 have much to do.
One wheel had some rubber transfer that was pretty stubborn.
I tried a few products but found Stoners Tarminator followed by a rub with the clay bar gradually worked it away. After half a dozen rounds my arm was toast so called it quits.
Again, a vast improvement and I may end up blasting and powder coating them down the road. These are just to take the winter beating after all!

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Fresh rubber has arrived
Last week of June fresh, anyway

Evolution Winters look pretty aggressive compared to the stock Grabber HTS, but are billed as more highway oriented than Coopers Discoverer M+S, which offers a bit more off-road ability.
This my first experience of Cooper truck tires, but they feel pretty light (28lb) with supple casings, which combined with the soft compound should hopefully offer a quiet comfortable ride that I鈥檓 used to with my Cooper CS5 tires on our other vehicles.

I鈥檒l drop them in with my tire guy in the morning but likely won鈥檛 be collecting until next week. I鈥檒l then give them another wash to prep the tires for Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel (ETG) and maybe throw some sealant at the wheels to make it easier to get the dirt off them through the winter.

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Tires were mounted and balanced by Northwest Frame & Alignment in Zionsville, IN. Top guys, have done lots of frame, wheel & tire work for myself and friends. Tires look good all fitted up.
Gave the tires a wash with 303 Tire & Rubber Cleaner to remove any mould release agents and allow tire gel to bond correctly.


I鈥檒l start applying tire gel and wheel sealant this evening. Also need to source some wheel center caps for them before they go on the truck.

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Wheels fitted. Look pretty good to me, even if the reduced tire profile on the 16鈥檚 make them look a bit diddy! Just having troubles programming the TPMS, as detailed HERE 馃が

Now bring on winter!

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Time for that first oil change
I鈥檝e always used Mobil 1 in all my cars. Took a full 4.73qt jug, which is handy.
Pretty straight forward and easy. First vehicle I鈥檝e been able to do without getting the jack & stands out! 馃グ But by gosh, the factory fitted filter was on there tight!? I assume they put them on dry? I tried by hand, filter socket just chewed up the end and then the can was too small for my filter wrench 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 Ended up grabbing it with my larger set of Channelocks to get it moving.

While I was under the bed checking the spare tire pressure, I spotted these two dormant plugs clipped to the frame, drivers side behind the spring shackle. Can anyone tell me what they are for?

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Those are the sockets for the trailering package. If you install a 7-pin plug, you will have 12v power and trailer brakes ( if you also install a trailer brake EBF controller ), after installing the harness and required relays. Its pretty easy, I've done my truck already.
One thing to watch for, some of the Frontier harnesses from the factory have the 12v HOT and trailer brake control circuit positions reversed, the trailer brakes lock solid as soon as they're plugged in, cause they're getting straight 12v with no modulation. Mine was reversed, as shown by a trailer harness tester. So I reversed the wires in my 7 pin plug to correct the issue. All good now.

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Matt, I'd check your State code regarding trailers, I know its required after a certain weight is passed, to have either electric or pendulum over hydraulic surge brakes ( UHaul trailer type ) but I couldn't say with certainty what that weight class is. IMHO if you're passing 800 to 1000LBS I'd say definitely yes. Digital proportional trailer brake controllers are relatively cheap, a really good one is under $200.00.
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