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Hey guys I have a question for you all. When I purchased my 2010 Frontier, the dealership offered free oil change and inspection for life. I asked them what motor oil they used and they informed me they used synthetic blend 5w30 Pennzoil. I called two other local dealerships who said they used full synthetic Mobil 1 and another synthetic blend Havoline. The manual on the truck specifies 5w30 but does not mention anything about conventional or synthetic. I called the Nissan plant where the truck was built and they said they used Shell conventional in all the new trucks. What have you guys heard and for those of you who have it done at the dealership what brand/kind do they use. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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I almost think I follow all of that.

I personally would not put Penzoil products in my vehicles, but that is another discussion.

It seems to me your question is more along the lines of "should I use conventional oil, a synthetic blended oil, or a fully synthetic oil?"

My answer to you would be this:

If you change every 3~4k miles, run with conventional as the increased cost of synthetic would not be justified.

If you change your oil every 4~5k miles, go with a blend as it should be better than conventional for durability and you are stretching the "change at every 3k miles" as suggested by the manufacturer.

If you change your oil every 5-7.5k miles, go with full synthetic as it should perform better than the blend or conventional. At this point, the extra cost of full synthetic begins to become negligible when compared to cost of conventional.

The jury still seems to be out on running "extended drain" cycles through motors. Some say go for it while others say don't do it. Doing "extended drain" does not mean that a filters should not be changed, as most filters do not spec out for use during "extended drain."

It really boils down to doing regular oil changes vs. a specific brand or type of oil IMO.
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