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Okay so my 14 Frontier 37k 2.5L 5spd has a annoying vibration at 60mph 5th gear ( yes i know everyone says its the countershaft but nissan wont replace the transmission unless its broken ie not working they wont replace for noise and its not loud it rarely ever makes any noise) But yes I digress. So When in 4th or under load there is a light vibration then in 5th at 60mph it becomes a pulsing vibration its not bad but its getting worse It has been to 4 nissan dealers to get it taken care of under warranty and all i have gotten is a damaged rear bumper a coffee stain on my seats and them telling me "its normal" So I don't have time to dick with Techs that should not even being changing oil let alone messing with my truck for a free repair under warranty. The other day I noticed that my transmount was its only a half a inch from the top of the cylinder...Curious i put a pole jack under it and lifted the trans. Sure enough the dam thing went up like 2-3 inches -.- Unfortunately the Company i work for does not buy alot of nissans so I can't have a truck to compare it to... basically what I am asking is could someone be so kind and take a picture of their trans mount (a non broken one) to compare to mine

Enjoy my rant

thats what it looks like. I will be going OE part I dont wanna drop 150 on a mount if thats normal.


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If you have Facebook, go to Nissan's facebook site and post your negative experience with your truck and the Nissan dealers whom you've gone to in order to fix your problem. They don't like to see negative stuff on their website and they'll usually try to get some help for you. Also, contact Nissan's customer service hotline @ 1-800-NISSAN-1. They'll open a case and sometimes they'll actually help. Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease!
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