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My wife and I also have a '17 ram bighorn, nice truck, tons of options... I can tell you that she will be driving that from now on. This nissan just feels right, we found it 80 miles from home and when we picked it up I smiled non stop driving it back.
It takes me back to my '95, only nicer.
It is a truck, no doubt about it, and I feel at home in it.
Hi Russ,
Congrats on the new Pro4x. I just picked up my 2017 today. I took the long way home too and felt the same way. It feels right and took me back in a good way. (I previously owned a 94 Toyota pick up). I'm from MA and I might reach out someday to get an idea of some decent ME areas to put the Pro4x to the test in off road conditions. Enjoy the ride.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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