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Magnaflow Header/Cats "DF Converter"

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Has anyone ever seen these? The price is steep but it's the first I've seen them.
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The Magnaflows have been out for awhile. I've seen them for around $650 each side, but that's still way too much money, IMO. However, it does look like it would be a less restrictive system than the stock exhaust manifolds. Doug Thorley makes a nice set of headers, but they only make them in long-tube style, which deletes the front converters. Most that use the Doug Thorley don't run any converters and use CEL eliminators at the rear O2 sensor locations. Those run $473/set, which is a little more manageable.


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If they aren't triggering any catalyst codes and are structurally okay (meaning, not getting ready to rot through), I would just replace the manifolds, which are inexpensive on the aftermarket.
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