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M226 survived some thrashing.

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Sooo... out exploring an old mine here in central utah in an unfamiliar canyon, the snow was pretty crappy, wasn't your everyday powdery stuff, it was the tricky airy-ice kind of snow, like stiff Styrofoam. Unknowingly driving on the surface of this nasty very thick stuff on a steep incline while in 4hi, the tires broke through the surface of the snow and trapped us. . dammit!

As soon as the tires started to slip, I stopped immediately, put er in 4lo and engaged the locker, put my old carpet floormats behind the tires and reversed carefully hoping that the floormats will nab a bit of traction and prevent the tires from continually sinking into the icy snow.. NOPE! Just dug deeper... almost 2 feet to be exact.

Killed time and walked around the place for a few hours while thinking of what options we had and who we could call, etc... found that my shovel was magically not in the bed of my truck, who the hell knows where I left that.

Enough service to text, Had my buddy Austin haul up the canyon in his 98 grand cherokee... told him to keep it in 4hi and maintain momentum. Well, he got stuck like a half mile away from us on his way to us, shame, haha. Thank god he had a shovel. Got him out easy, was pretty shallow snow.

Grabbed the shovel and started diggin a good trench for all the tires... it was tough as the snow was hard as a rock. Got enough room for the truck to rock forward and back, being as my two previous vehicles were isuzu rodeo's (not GM), I drove the living shi* out of them and never had issues, so ... having my wild characteristics of getting unstuck still permafried into my brain... I rocked the hell out of that truck forward and back over and over and over using the brakes between each stop at as far back and as far forth I could get the truck to go (less stress on the transmission), I was basically waiting for that m226 to choke on me though. . finally built up enough momentum to pop back up to the surface of the snow and get the friggen hell out of that canyon.

After all the punching the gas in forward and reverse and high rpms's over and over and over really giving it a lot, it did good. Now... stuck in a good gob of clay where friction is vicious, I'd be more scared for the m226.
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good to hear it held up.. mine has gotten me through some **** too... I am always paranoid about our lovely 2 spider rears on the 05's though...
I'd be more worried about the front diff than the rear:) My rear has been through hell, thought it quit but it was just u-joints. It's still going strong.
Word of caution..
Breakage dosen't always occur during the "thrashing"(like mine did).
Recently, a member here had his go out while driving down the street, the Titan guys/board too.
Mine just broke at 93K miles (normal driving) will be replacing with Detroit Truetrac
Mine just broke at 93K miles (normal driving) will be replacing with Detroit Truetrac
Under NORMAL driving?. bah. thats bullshi* :eek:

So, when it comes to replacing it with the Truetrac, what all does it involve?.. Is it something I should maybe consider BEFORE taking my truck to moab and going crazy with it? ..
No BS, spider gears are toast. I've been in some mud a couple of times, have only used the locker about 10 times in 5 years. I've broke the tires loose a bunch on damp pavement but that has been the extent. There are some threads in the axle forum about the truetrac, that is where I learned about it.
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