For sale is my M226 axle project. It is ready to bolt into any M226 Frontier, and other Frontiers can be converted to work with the proper driveshaft. I am selling because the truck is gone and this is leftover. Truck was returned to stock.

This axle was built with the following parts:

  • 4.10 Yukon Gear
  • Yukon Master Installation Kit
  • Brand new Dana Spicer 4-bolt 24-spline pinion flange/yoke
  • Brand new Dana axle seals and SKF axle bearings
  • Detroit TrueTrac Limited Slip Differential #913A582
  • Off-road Gorilla diff breather fitting (hose and hose filter included)
  • OEM Nissan leaf spring u-bolts and nuts (not supposed to be reused)
  • Lubelocker diff cover gasket
  • Brand new OEM left and right brake backing plates (44030-EA080 & 44020-EA080)
This axle is ready to bolt in and ride. Whoever wants it, if desired, I will overfill it with gear oil and bolt the diff cover on if you choose. Then just install into the truck and remove the fill plug until the fluid levels out to where it needs to be. I only ran it on Currie GL6 conventional 85W-140 gear oil which is what the TrueTrac prefers (conventional) and what the gears prefer (85w-140). I heard no concerning noises in the 600 miles this was driven. The breather hose and filter from ORG are included so you just need to run the hose up to the tail light and zip tie it up. I'll throw in a few zip ties as well. The u-bolts are included as well so that you don't have to worry about reusing your own or going to buy more of them. Parking brakes are rebuilt and ready for your old rotors to go on, or I can sell you a set of rear brakes that I also have left over.

The last picture is of one of the ABS line brackets. The junkyard mangled that to where it nearly fell off, I had my gear guy weld it back and straighten it out the best it could. It's not beautiful but it works and holds the line perfectly fine.

If this doesn't sell for a while then I can entertain offers but I have like $3,500 in parts in this thing alone, so I feel my price is fair considering it's a turnkey 4.10 solution that gives you the ability to resell whatever you have under your truck currently. Just the axle itself cost me $750 at the junkyard, not to mention all the parts I sunk into it and the labor for the gears, bearings, and fixing the ABS line bracket.

Located in DFW, TX. If interested and have questions, ask away.

If you desire, I will help install it right in my driveway. It is about a 2 hour jog for two guys working at a reasonable pace. It is not difficult at all, no brake bleeding required, etc. We can get it installed, parking brake adjusted, axle filled with oil and you can roll out on new gears.

I will not part it out. That would simply devalue what is a perfect option for anyone wanting a slick 4.10 LSD setup with no hassle.