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Lund tri-fold tonneau

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Does anyone have one of these installed?

I need to ditch my hard cover (the one with the lift arms). Too hard and heavy to get on and off by myself.

I had a TonnoPro on two of my 2nd-Gen trucks (the same tonneau cover) and was very satisfied with it. But they don't make one for the 1st-Gen trucks.

So my searching came up with the Lund. From the photos it appears to be the same cover as the TonnoPro, even down to the logo placement on the left side.

So, I'm looking for opinions on these.

Also, if anyone can use my hardcover I'll let a fellow club member have it for free, just need to come get it.
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I've had mine for about 5 years now. Great product. I just felt the need to put on protectant for the first time a few months ago; 303 protectant. The color lasted that long. Still looks good but fades after a month or so (it's an outside vehicle). The cover has no cracks and is still supple. It can be removed or installed in a couple of minutes. The only two pings I can give it are 1, it has a bit of a flapping noise at highway speed but it's only noticeable with the back sliding window open; and 2, while the.bulk of the fabric's color now dulls, the color above the crossbars stays dark. Not a big deal, just looks a little odd till I treat it.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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