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2000 frontier 2 wd
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yours is 04 ,it might be different than my 2000 , the front shocks are from craigslist I used silver KYB ?gr2? for a 68-72 chevelle , he was selling sway bars and all the shocks I bought just the shocks ,
they are about 12'' long when mounted , the top is a ?5/16"? pin and that was not a problem ( just a sandwich setup) I had to change the bottom bushing for a different bolt size
(it just slips in) I got the new steel bushings from summit racing maybe $5 .
The whole rear end has the leaf springs mounted under it with the shock mounted to the plate that clamps it all together , so basically I pushed the rear end closer to the frame with longer U bolts and 3" blocks ( so the shock length never changed ) .
I used yellow Monroe ?magnum? shocks they are basically crap !!!!!!
With your drop spindles did you have a negative camber issue ? My lowered front struts are giving me that problem. I'm researching ways to correct it. I got camber bolts, but they seem to be more for the lifted guys with positive camber issues. Any help appreciated. Bob
mine is torsion bar , I lowered via the locknut adjustment , then had a buddy do the alignment , some machining was involved .
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