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2023 Nissan Frontier Pro4X. Baja Storm 3 Inch all Dogs lift with 285/ 70 R-17 Toyo Open Country RT
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OK everybody follow me on this. In looking for a great place to install my lighting controller panel. I find the best place to make it look really clean is right where the parking sensor is underneath the climate control panel in front of the consul on a 2023, pro 4X.. I’m looking to gain access to remove the switch for the parking sensor that is right next to the two USB ports. Originally, I wanted to move it over to the other side where the heated seat switch is, however I am now realizing that where the heated seat switches are are not the same switch port. So now I’m looking to do one of two things either take that switch hollow out the dummy heated seat switch port try to make it look good or lengthen the wires by about 2 feet and move that switch over into one of the empty blanks on the left side of the steering wheel. Either way I need to get into those switches, so does anybody have any experience with taking apart stuff to get to that and what exactly would I need to take apart and how do I do it?
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