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Lower Control Arm Removal

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03 Frontier 4X4. Replacing control arms. Read some other threads on the topic. All the bolts came out fine except the rear lower, it’s the special one with the splined head. It ain’t budging. PB Blaster, tried a little heat, afraid to burn up the bushing, which looks difficult to replace as well. Any tricks? I could sawzall the thing out, but $25.00 each and 2 weeks shipping to HI.
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Breaker bar with additional 3 foot extension pipe at the end.
Or while applying tension use a breaker bar and hit toward the end of the breaker bar to create some impact and down force to loosen the bolt.
I went ahead and cut it out, which messed up the bushing 😊 Bought this, pressed in a new one. Best $100 I ever spent. Works on all the wheel bearing races as well.

26pc Universal Press and Pull Sleeve Kit Bushing Bearings and Seals Removal Installation Kit
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