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I have never heard of this before. I just bought this truck and the guy told me that he had just had the A/C recharged because it caused the check engine light to come on. the ports on the system are cleaned up so I believe him. however the A/C didn't work and shortly after I bought it the light came back on indicating to me that the system has a leak. also, I couldn't hear any change in engine load at idle when I flipped the I don't have a code reader but I am considering getting one now.

Here are my questions:
1) how do you diagnose a leak in the A/C system?
2) where is the most likely/common spot for the leak to be?
3) tell me about code readers, what's the best brand, type to buy? what's the cheapest (recession).

1) Not cooling, clutch cycles too fast (on/off) if it ever engages at all.
2)Old system - evaporator from corrosion. New system - any joint, stone damage to condenser. Other ages, high pressure hose assembly or Schrader valves from tinkering with it.
3) Don't know, don't have one. I use the dealer. Costs more short term, but cheaper in the long run.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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