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Love my Truck

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Hello everyone, I had a 2008 CC 2wd and traded this past March for a 2010 CC 4wd white with beige cloth. I just got my recall safety notice :noworries:

I have a 11:30 appt this coming Monday at my dealer and it's my day off so I made sure to ask if they had the parts, they said they did.

I'll be a waiter since the recall notice states depending on the number of links that need to be replaced, this repair may take up to four hours to complete, but your Nissan dealer may require your vehicle for a longer period of time based upon their work schedule.

Guess I'm in for a long afternoon and I'll post my results...

Anyway, Love my truck and anyone says you don't need a 4WD, say it's nice to have when you do.
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Welcome to the club bud.
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