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Losing Faith

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So I've posted about my local dealership before, it's where I bought my truck. I had a warranty item repaired 300 miles into my new vehicle when they had to fix a steering rack issue which took them two days to fix. A little unnerving, but it was fixed at no charge.

Fast forward to last week. This was my 10k mile maintenance and my 2nd oil change. I requested a multi-point inspection, oil change, tire rotation, and to inspect a front end "clunk" that I have been experiencing and I have mentioned in other threads on here. I had a 1pm appointment on Tuesday and showed up 5min early. I dropped off the keys and went to the waiting lounge.

At 2:20pm I saw my truck getting it's oil change, although they didn't rotate the tires, which I saw them do during my last oil change. Then at 3:15pm, after at least 10 other customers had come and gone, the service adviser asks me to take their mechanic for a ride to try to replicate the suspension noise. I humored the mechanic. I explained the noise to him and tried to replicate it, which was unsuccessful. The mechanic said he couldn't find the source of the noise after driving it around the parking lot repeatedly. When we got back to the bay, I specifically asked the mechanic "you looked at the ball joints, end link, cv, tie rod, strut mount, brake caliper and everything looked fine?" He very passively said yes while looking surprised I could name all of those parts without looking at a flash card. He said if the noise returned to bring it back and they would try again.

Finally, I walked over to the service desk to pay and the service adviser, looking very disheveled, said it would be $37. I was surprised and asked if that included the tire rotation, inspection, and labor for inspecting my suspension. He said they didn't do the rotation because the tires looked good and didn't need it and there was no charge for the inspection. I was confused, but pleased it wasn't more expensive, so I paid and then grabbed my receipt and inspection sheet and drove off. Half way across the parking lot I stopped and looked at the receipt. There was no mention of a tire rotation on the work order and the inspection sheet said I needed a whole bunch of maintenance including a new battery, but I looked at the top of the sheet and realized it was for some other customer's vehicle and not mine. After 2 and a half hours of waiting and nearing the end of my patience, I decided to just continue home instead of confronting the service adviser about the errors.

I already conduct thorough inspections of my vehicle often to make sure fluids are topped off, nothing looks worn, etc etc. so I wasn't too worried about the inspection sheet. However, I was concerned about the preventative maintenance issue of the tire rotation. In my mind, tire rotation is done regularly regardless if it appears needed at the time because it is preventative maintenance, to keep the tires wearing evenly. I've really lost patience and faith in my dealership's service department. I don't know if I'll be going back unless it's a warranty issue. They just seem incompetent. Nissan dealership in NW OKC.
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The way the adviser acted, he just seemed more like they forgot to rotate the tires and he was covering, more so than it actually didn't need it. I'm just OCD about maintenance and I've rotated my tires on every vehicle I've ever owned, every oil change for the past 15 years. Whether I did it, or the dealership did it, it got done. It just didn't hit my ear right when he said it wasn't necessary.

To be fair, I agree, I should have gone back to correct the inspection sheet issue. If he didn't know about the mistake, he can't correct it.

I've only had three experiences with the service dept there: a warranty claim and two regular maintenance intervals (5k 10k). Of these, two of the three weren't very confidence inspiring.

I know I can be a little too demanding/overbearing, and to highlight this: Yesterday I was messing around with my mountain bike and I noticed I had a 2mm offset on the rear triangle of my bike, that was very slightly skewing my rear wheel to one side. I spent an hour disassembling the bike and straightening the frame. Then I overhauled my wheel bearings, which only have about 150 miles on them. I've also tried on 5 different sets of tires in the past two weeks trying to figure out which ones to run for a race I have coming up in a few weeks. lol My wife thinks I'm just crazy. I tell her I'm just detail oriented and particular.
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