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Hello ClubFrontier!

Story time! I hope you like to read. My first vehicle was a 1993 Toyota 4x4 extended cab pickup. 22-RE, 5 speed, had 64,000 miles when my grandpa gave it to me at 16. Never had a breakdown of any kind- not even a flat tire. Never left me stranded. Never got stuck (minimal off-roading but quite a bit of snow every year). I sold it last year to a friend as a wood hauler/ winter beater. I had left it sitting for about 6 months. It just barely had enough battery to turn over but started on the first crank. The brakes were rusted together; I had to put it in 4-low to get it to move! It was so rusty, when he tried to load wood in it, it went straight through the bed; so it didn't really work out. He found (works for the DOT) an old road sign to use as a bed floor. The frame has holes you can put your hand through. My point, I drove that truck for 11 years and loved it to death.

To the reason I'm here now… I went a year without a truck and reached a point the wife and I could manage a payment. My dad had just bought an '08 Taco and grandpa bought an '09 a month later. I was looking at Toyotas for sure, but didn't rule out any brand. I love Toyota and Honda (have three of them right now for some reason…) but the more I checked out the Frontiers, and lots of time lurking here, the more they grew on me. So I decided whichever one is the best deal at the time, I'll bite.

After a while of looking, I narrowed it down to two trucks at a used car dealer that I trust. An '11 Taco: White, 4-door, short bed, 4x4, 74,000 miles, body was decent with a few scratches/ imperfections, frame looked perfect- no rust, didn't even look to be driven in the rain (frame might've been replaced). Asking $26,500. This is about par for the course around here with Tacomas, people think they're made of gold. And the factory warranty had expired.

On the same lot, a '16 Frontier SV: Cayenne Red, Crew Cab, short bed, 7,500 miles, body and frame were perfect (I mean, it's new so…). Asking $27,900. After all was said and done, I drove away for $26,662. No back-up camera (don't want one personally), has a drop in bed liner (fine with me), no fog lights (on the to-do list), but did come with tow package (which I have already put to use).

I bought it in August of this year. I wouldn't really call these mods, but so far I've added AVS in-channel vent shades, got rid of the front tag bracket, Rally Armor Basic Plus mud flaps, and a Tyger vinyl tri-fold bed cover. Next on the list of to-dos (already in my Amazon cart) are Maxliner floor mats, OEM fog light kit, and maybe eventually 35% tint on the front windows (back are factory tinted). The truck is a treat to drive. Plenty of power (I used to own a WRX), rides much better than dad's and grandpa's Tacos. I'm averaging about 19.5 mpg, which will go down now with winter blend. I have gotten as high as 22.5 on a trip. You guys all know the pros, I don't have to tell you.

I'm here because I've never owned anything this new and I intend on keeping it in top shape. I wasn't this way with my first truck but every vehicle I've owned since I've been very particular with and kept up with the maintenance (do most of it myself). This truck is way nicer than what I had set out to buy, but I got so fed up looking at 10+ year old junk that I figured I might as well get a newer one.

::smile::TL;DR, I'm happy to be a new member here and look forward to learning and contributing. I would love to post some pics but I'm a noob to forums. I know you have to use a pic hosting site or something. I would appreciate a link to instructions on posting pics and will get some up soon.
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