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Looks like you might want to change your passwords. I just checked one of the sources and my email address is listed as being hacked.

" and all of their domains were hacked in February of 2016. LeakedSource has obtained and added a copy of this data to its ever-growing searchable repository of leaked data." - Source

"Furthermore, a database sample given to ZDNet shows passwords that were hashed and salted with MD5, an obsolete method that is now too easy to decipher. In addition to passwords, email addresses, the site visited and a user’s IP information (which can be sometimes be used to determine location) are all listed in conjunction with the usernames that were compromised.

Lack of HTTPS encryption and the use of vulnerable older versions of the vBulletin forum software were other weaknesses in VerticalScope sites noted by ZDNet. So far, they note, the data has not appeared for sale on the dark web. " - Source

Their sites include:
Full list of their sites

Use these two known/reputable sites to see if your information was in the hack:
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