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Looking to get a new Frontier

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Hey everyone. This seems like a great place for Frontier owners. I'm looking to buy a new 06 XE. Ive been checking prices at dealerships around here. They all seem to be around $17g. I was reading how some of you have gotten the same truck for 15 or 16. Is there a good way to bargain with those dealers? I'm hoping to have my new truck by next any tips to buying new would be helpful...

again, this forum seems very helpful... I've been reading around and you guys all are pretty nice. Thanks.
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Thanks. Yeah it's my first time buying a new vehicle. My first car was a Stanza, and then I had a Maxima so I've always loved Nissans. So yeah...I'm very excited. I can't wait to get my Frontier!
outlnder said:
Set a price for yourself. Depending on how you will buy will make a lot of difference on bargaining.

Let's say you will be financing most of it. Find a loan calculator and figure out what monthly payment is your best bargain amount. Then say you will give them so much down, whatever you have decided upon, and your best bargain amount minus $50 a month. So , for example, you put down $1000 and offer $270 a month for 60 months. This would buy a truck grossing $15,000. Of course the salesman will say no way, but keep to your guns. Slowly move your monthly payment up until they say yes. Never go over your best bargain amount. Don't be afraid to walk out. They will be calling you before you get home if you do.

Try this on a couple of dealers. Get your best price and say you have to think about it. Sometimes they will want you to initial or sign a quote to guarantee you will buy the truck at that price. Just say you aren't comfortable with that and if they don't like it, leave.
Nice...Thanks man. Yeah I'm thinking about putting 3-$4000 down, and maybe have monthly payments around 250. I guess I should start at 200 and see where they go from there....thanks again.
So...I went to the dealer last night and I test drove the XE 5 spd. It actually is much better than I thought. I was thinking since its a 4 cyl it wont be as smooth or what not, was still really nice. Anyway, so we sat down and the guy gives me a price for 15,500...that's the bare bone stock with no power options. I've read that some of you guys have gotten the xe with pwr options for that price. So I assumed that since this is going to be the base, base model (they didnt have it in stock by the way), a good price would be 14,500. After he gave me the 15,500 number and I didnt like it he asked me to write down the price I want. So...I wrote down 13,500 which I knew wasnt gonna happen. I was waiting for him to come to 14,500. Anyway....he paced around, asked his manager...etc etc...and he said I cant do that. So I said...Ok and I got up and left. you guys think 14,500 is a fair price for that model? And maybe since they didnt have it in stock (they did in the next state), he didnt push to close the deal...? yeah thats the story. I have a feeling he'll call back because he kept the price offer sheet, which he offered to me but when i was taking it, he said "Maybe we can use this later". so yeah...thats my story....thanks for whoever reads it!
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