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Looking to get a new Frontier

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Hey everyone. This seems like a great place for Frontier owners. I'm looking to buy a new 06 XE. Ive been checking prices at dealerships around here. They all seem to be around $17g. I was reading how some of you have gotten the same truck for 15 or 16. Is there a good way to bargain with those dealers? I'm hoping to have my new truck by next any tips to buying new would be helpful...

again, this forum seems very helpful... I've been reading around and you guys all are pretty nice. Thanks.
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monty006 said:
Thanks. Yeah it's my first time buying a new vehicle. My first car was a Stanza, and then I had a Maxima so I've always loved Nissans. So yeah...I'm very excited. I can't wait to get my Frontier!
i was the same way first car was 87 pulsar nx then a 200sx se-r now my frontier. anyways welcome :D
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