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Looking To Buy a '05 Frontier

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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a '05 Frontier 4x4 crew cab w/ the Nismo off road package. It has ~54,000 miles and is an automatic. The carfax report shows it had 3 previous owners and has no accidents.

I'm new to trucks in general, never owned one. Is there a checklist for the 2005's I should go by when I go inspect the truck?

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Check to make sure the rear diff isn't leaking fluid by the cover, pinion seals and axle seals.

Check to make sure the locker works, only offroad where slipping isn't extremely limited.

Check to make sure the front diff is in good shape.

Check to make sure there are no weird noises coming from the motor.

If it has the utilitrac, make sure the tie-downs come with it or haggle for a better price. Same goes for a bed extender or divider.

Just beware, the Nismo trim has a lower gear ratio so mpg may be a little worse but if you are buying the "offroad" edition, it shouldn't mean too much to you.

Also check the underbody for rust and other issues.

Lastly, if it is Electric Blue, check to make sure the paint is in good condition.
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welcome, check transaxle for leaks, check for any whining or squeaking from engine, make sure there are no clunks or whining from the diffs (drive in in 4 hi for a bit in a straight line dry pavement is to grippy for turning, to much stress), make sure all switches work, and rust. that covers your basic for any truck

i.e. my fog lights just stopped working most likely a relay havent checked yet my multimeter is at school, and when i was cleaning yesterday i notice some paint bubbling on the inside of the door (rust). both are rare problems i havent seen any post about those problems
Thanks for all of the inspection tips! I'll be sure to check them all when I go see the truck this weekend.
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