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So I am about to get my licenses and just got a 2007 Nissan frontier se 4x4 90,xxx miles. And well I've got a few questions. For better sound quality would you recommend changing speakers or a new head unit and speakers? Also with no change of tires or maybe a little more aggressive what is a good mild lift? And at 90,xxx miles any suggested maintenance (I've done oil and brakes). So far I've cleaned frame and under coated and I've got a tool box. Also keep in mind I am 16 so budget isn't huge.


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also does anyone else have bad rock chips in front of both rear wheel wells?
Yes I did mean budget is a issue. And where would you spray the Lysol? Is it right below the windshield?
Thanks for the input all of you. I can't even drive yet but I like this truck very much I have worked for my dad who has a used car lot I've been cleaning cars and other tasks as long as I can remember saving up money for it.
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