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i got a 2016 Nissan Frontier i just purchased about a month or so ago and i been doing some diy mods like a little plasti dip and some removal of some things on it and today i was taking the front mud gurads off the bumper and noticed the wires thats there to add fog lights to now im wanting is somethings im looking for..

Fog Lights for 2016 doesnt matter if oem or not just as long as they are good quality..

Front Driver Side tow Hook ...

any help on these 2 parts would be great as i see others im needing ill just add them..

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The driver's side tow hook is not a North American option. Try Thornton Breakers on EBAY .... others on here have had good luck

Contact them and let them know that you're interested in the left side front tow hook and mounting bolts from a Navara (make sure it's an 05-16)

Items in THORNTON 4X4 BREAKERS store on eBay !
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