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Looking for a factory CD player 05-07

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Anyone got one laying around? Wanna get rid of it? Remember 05-07 only.

Single disc is fine. If you have a MP3 or 6 disc non RF headunit let me know. I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I installed a 2007 factory single disc unit into an 02 xterra once, so there's a good chance the harness in mine is compatible with a non single disc unit.

Let me know, I need this asap.:thumbup:
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Where are you?
fort myers florida 33905, checking pms now
I've got an 05 6CD MP3 rockford fosgate head unit.
pm's sent.

**EDIT** As far as the 6 disc MP3 units go, I checked the a/v forum. Looks like I need a RF unit specifically from a King Cab frontier, because it has an internal amp. The Crew Cab models have an external amp so it won't work properly in a truck like mine with a single disc deal. Soooo, sorry steve500, would really like to, but can't do it.

Any king cab owners have a mp3 capable cdplayer laying around?
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