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A few dealers locally had inventory yesterday. Visited two of those today. I'm NOT buying today and made that clear from the start. Still in my evaluation period and not in a hurry.

Dealer #1
  • Pro-4x - sold, not there
  • Pro-x - still there, sat in it and took a few pictures. They didn't even have prep completed. I felt as familiar with the vehicle as the one that was showing it to me.
  • Confirmed addendum for price is for 5k - did NOT ask if that was negotiable.

Dealer #2
  • 4x2 SV, took a look at it and drove it around for a bit
  • Confirmed addendum for price is for 5k - and is a dealer only decision. They know where they are in the market and they still have prospects that may bite at current prices.

Dealer 2, has absorbed training and is familiar with features and able to walk me through them. They also more than hinted that when I'm actually ready we can discuss the markup - it would not be a thing that should get in the way of a sale. This was in response to me mentioning this could be a deal breaker and whichever dealer is willing to drop it could win the business. It was an open discussion, possibly because they have my profile in front of them and I have purchased with them before. Or... maybe this attitude is common and nothing to do with me. Try your luck is my point.

Driving and other impressions... you can get those online but I'll try to include a few things maybe others don't mention. I'm 5'10" plus a hair
  • Turning/Steering - radius not bad actually. Not as good as a car but having owned S-10s, including 4x4 this wasn't bad at all IMO. Steering is stiffer than other vehicles but this is unlikely to be a problem. If you have petite drivers that spend time trying to navigate at slow speeds, might be worth having them test from their POV. The improved ratio I cannot compare but will say it IS responsive. You are not turning the wheel excessively to make turns.
  • Noise. Idle/stoplight, opposite a gas station and some traffic around was 61db. On highway, holding 60mph I was at 69-71db. No creaks, groans, rattles. Note: you cannot compare your mic with mine. These levels would make more sense after I measure some other models
  • Fit/Finish. Ext: There is more of a gap at the hood line than other panels, not sure why but it isn't "wrong" either. Didn't open to check further. All panels were consistent on the ones I looked at. Int: no obvious issues noted, but I also forgot to check it.
  • Rear armrests: door is fine for me, pull down cup holder when used as an armrest isn't good. Just "ok" maybe, but mostly valuable as a drink holder
  • Rear door cup holders are large enough but much less so with door closed. Water bottle would be reachable so it isn't bad, but do not asses this by opening the door and looking at it. Bring the water bottle or thermos you actually use and test - if it matters to you.
  • Rear leg room. I set the drivers seat where I like it and then sat behind. Tthe main issue is the entry/exit. Once in it would be just fine for daily use or runabouts. Long trips... sit behind the passenger. Pics added for just that, I set the front passenger to a place I am just fine with (driving is further back) and found the room reasonable. Kids are likely no issue at all in any position.
  • Rear seat position does sit fairly upright! A very slight advantage to the 2020 Colorado for seating angle. Legroom was about the same.
  • Rear under seat storage isn't huge, you will notice the backpacks they have are slim or shallow.
  • Running board/rail/sidestep... I can see the value for short folks or kids after looking at the Pro-X
  • Front seats - the SV I drove was indeed comfortable. I didn't confirm it but I think they are same or similar to the Pro space seats
  • Transmission. I think I detected 5th gear at just over 30mph with almost stupid low load level. Don't quote me. Light, partial, and full send seemed fine. The 1-2 will come quick but unless looking for it wasn't a problem for me. Diff program than 2021?
  • Didn't touch the screen one time or even play with radio. Spent a bit of time though with the drivers display and noted that even the 4x2 will show you if on an incline or what mode - they are using the same display apparently.
Disclaimer: I have not owned or driven a Frontier prior. I therefore cannot compare or claim how much better or worse it is.

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I went on Saturday to buy a 4xpro and they added a 5k "Market Adjustment" price. the MSRP for the truck was 46,445 now it is 51,445. They said it was because of the chip shortage. I was like well you just lost this sale because there is no way I'm paying an additional 5k for a "chip shortage". I asked so when the chip shortage is no longer will the truck still retain that additional 5k value. The sales guys couldn't answer that.
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