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Hi fellas it's been a while :). Well, here in a few weeks I am finishing up my contract with the Marine Corps and getting out! I am currently in Eastern North Carolina, and will be making a 1700 mile trip to New Mexico in my 2004 Frontier. She is at 58k miles and heading fast towards 60k, so I figured it would be a good idea to get the required 60k maintenance done before the trip. Also, I was wanting to get my brakes looked at because they're squeaking a little. Maybe just a resurface job is needed, I'll have to see about that.

I bought her used when she had 46k miles, and she was in good shape. She's never given me any trouble, and have basically done the expected maintenance on it (3k miles oil/filter change). I recently replaced the tires so they're good to go. Also replaced the spark plugs and distributor cap and did an oil job earlier this year. She's 2-wheel-drive, and I hardly take her off the asphalt of the road for anything. She's just a regular commuter vehicle. What should I be looking at to make sure I get a good 60k maintenance job done on her, without over doing it and paying for stuff I don't need? I've heard good and bad things about taking it to the dealership as opposed to independent mechanics.

Thanks a lot!
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