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Long Time Admirer, Firat Time Buyer

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Hi, all. Long time admirer of the Frontiwr but looking to buy one for the first time. Took a '16 CC SV for a test drive and was impressed by the ride versus what I remember of the old Pathfinders family had. Initially was looking for a used RWD SV w/ VTP, been hard to find with low miles and the VTP around here ajdnuave progressed to likely getting a PRO-4X. Looking forward to it!
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Oh, how I love the "find it yo self responses" on forums. ;)
No, we are all very helpful around here as you will see. New Members are required to read the rules, you acknowledge that you have read them prior to membership completion. They have been specifically written to answer the same question you had about New Members required to post in this sub-forum first and then the rest of the forum is opened. So, me typing it here is not different than the already written words that you have supposedly acknowledged reading before.
No problem. We don't have too many "search first" people around here, most take the time to either answer the question or supply a link to a thread that answers the question. Enjoy CF.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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