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Long Time Admirer, Firat Time Buyer

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Hi, all. Long time admirer of the Frontiwr but looking to buy one for the first time. Took a '16 CC SV for a test drive and was impressed by the ride versus what I remember of the old Pathfinders family had. Initially was looking for a used RWD SV w/ VTP, been hard to find with low miles and the VTP around here ajdnuave progressed to likely getting a PRO-4X. Looking forward to it!
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What's it take to be able to post elsewhere?!

*** nvm. I can now. Lol
Oh, how I love the "find it yo self responses" on forums. ;)
Apologies; missed the part on delays after skimming through and seeing the highlights, required intro post, etc. But we all know those who like to jump on forums and point out the "Use the search and read stuff on your own" remark as an answer to everything. Anywho... I'm sure ya'll are alright!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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