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LINXC Beach Run aplit 17th

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Its that time of year again for the annual LINXC beach run.

As posted by 01salsaX on LINXC
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Date: April 17 2010 Saturday
Time: 9am to meet up 9:30am to leave to Permit office
Where: East Bound side of LIE just East of Exit 51
Parking area along south side of Long Island Expressway

We will meet on L.I.E. and caravan down to Sagtikos Parkway south (LIE Exit 53S)
to Southern State Parkway West to Robert Moses Causeway South to END
Make a right at the traffic circle and make first right turn to Park's Office

Required Equipment/Items
Current vehicle registration (not the sticker on the car, and license plates must match registration card)
Payment of $65, cash or credit card accepted

Air pressure gauge capable of reading 5psi
A jack board (piece of wood to use under your jack on sand)
A functional jack (original equipment is fine as long as it'll lift your truck)
A portable toilet (5 gallon bucket and garbage bags)
Fishing poles and fishing gear (lures, bait, etc..)
1 fishing pole per person over the age of 12.
A way of airing up (air compressor, CO2, or air hose/chuck if their compressor is available)
Max tire size is 33x12.5

Make sure you have all required items.
You are responsible for your own items.
Do not count on someone else to bring items listed here for you.

This year DEC is requiring a Marine fishing license for all saltwater fishing for $10. ... se2009.pdf
This license can be purchased at Walmarts, Dicks or Sports Authority in addition to some gun stores.
It can also be purchased online.

I don't know how they are enforcing this, but I recommend buying one to play it safe throughout this season.
Any questions please feel free to message me.

Sore Thumb and Gilgo Beach are closed due to erosion from the past two Nor'Easters.
So we are limited to Democrat Point only.

Hopefully things will change before the permit run.

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