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OK, so last week on my way to work, my 05 Frontier decided to enter what I think is a form of limp mode. I have done a lot of work to try to isolate the problem since then. Basically, if I give is a lot of gas pedal and try to accelerate quickly, ABS, Slip, Brake and VDC off all flash for a second and the entire cluster goes black. The radio back light works, the clock works the heater still works but the radio itself turns off. The engine runs but will not allow me any power when pressing the pedal. It doesn't shutter or do anything, it just cruises along almost like its in neutral. Then between 5-45 seconds later, all is well. Cluster comes back, I have power, etc. I can also get this to happen in the driveway, in park by just revving the engine.
I did research and tried to follow up on some possible issues. I cleaned the MAF and unplugged it while in idle to see how it ran. It ran terrible with the MAF sensor disconnected and ran fine with it connected, so to me its not the MAF. I cleaned the throttle body also. I bench tested the battery and it passed. I also pulled the alternator (which is a pain in the butt and only 6 months old) and it passed bench test. If I put my meter across the battery while it runs, I get 13.9 volts approx. When I open windows and doors and put the system under load, it drops way down to around 11-12 volts. My OBD II reader also can test battery and alternator, it says both are no good even though they pass bench test no problem. I am currently going over the IPDM and trying to replace a certain fuse to the ABS system. I read you can get a low voltage to the ABS sensors if the relay is bad.

Any other ideas before I take it to dealer to have it scanned? I have read that it could be the steering angle sensor, the break switch, but since my brake lights go on I don't think that is the culprit. ABS module or sensors. I read that if the abs sensor goes bad your ABS light usually stays on. Last but not least, the throttle body. But since I can make the issue happen at a standstill, maybe that helps rule it out???
Any suggestions other than the things I have checked???

I can still drive it, but if for any reason I have to punch the gas, I am an accident waiting to happen and this is my daily driver. I am already down another vehicle for a different issue.
Thanks guys
Please take it easy on me, i'm a new guy::wink::
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