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limited slip for 01 2wd

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i have a 2001 2wd 5sp. i want a limited slip but the only thing i can find is over $700. any cheap ideas?
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idk. its a 2001 but i had to order parts from a 98 or something. i'll check tomorrow if i remember.
its on your drivers door jamb check it out.
there's no link about a limited slip. just tires
there's no link about a limited slip. just tires

this is what hes talking about
Don't worry, I have given up, lol.

My guess is that he/she has a c200 with a 3.9xx ratio.

More then likely, the best swap will be an HG axle with a 3.9 or heck, a 4.whatever to help with some low end grunt.

I am sure they will either figure it out, pay someone or just bail on the whole set-up so we shall see.
it says its a ca39 axle. i'm thinking of just swapping axles instead of paying 700 some for a new diff.
have fun sexy hot football stud!:ugogirl::heysexy:
why do you say that? lol
For Real?

I have to ask, what level of mechanical knowledge to you have? Is this a modification that you can safely do yourself? Do you know what kind of axle you are going with? There are more questions but I think you get the point.
why do you say that? lol
:laugh: Dude... Logout and change your screen name. I dont think anyone on here will take you seriously. This is not eHarmony.
why do you say that? lol
:laugh: cuz i can and the fact that it seems you dont have a clue what your doing
In the end, we just don't want to see that you tried to swap the axle and the truck fell on you or that it blew-up on the hwy and killed 50 people.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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