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Light bar/cage quick disconnects

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Anyone know what the Trophy Truck teams (or any team from any class for that matter) use or have used as electrical quick disconnects for the light bars/cages?
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I think the Ridgid Industries harnesses all use Deutsch connectors.
Do you want to be able to remove and replace your cage quickly?
My Vision X LEDs also used Deutsch connectors.
Most all top quality lights systems used those connectors.
Yeah that's kinda what I envisioned, so if I want to go through the car wash or a low parking structure and so fourth.
Makes sense. I once got stuck in the Kaiser Permanente parking structure with my Dodge. I was able to remove the cross bars on the shell. What made it worse, I was on my way to emergency.
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The Ridgid lights on the 10 car fail to turn on.
We asked Ridgid Industries for assistance but they said they no longer have parts for it.
We then asked if they would give us a discount if we ordered a recent model.
Again refused.
This is a very expensive light bar,$1300!
In the meantime we will use the light bar off the Frontier, it is the same light bar.
We will never use Ridgid Industries lights.
Baja Design and Vision X from now on.
Being placed in the high risk catergory , is this worth the risk?r My race partner was suppose to chase for a friend in the Sonora Rally.
He cancelled worrying. about his family and business situation.
For me?
Yes, worth the risk.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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