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lifted frontier mpgs?

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hey guys. just wondering what kind of gas milage your getting with your lifted frontiers. thanks
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Just a level kit and im currently getting 15mpg
I have a leveling kit with 285's and I am getting 13-14 but I am in alaska and have to warm my truck up for a bit longer than normal. In the summer i get a bit better.
thanks guys. anyone else? maybe a 3inch to 6inch lift?
3" lift here and you can see my average mpg in my sig
my truck has 5" of lift by the way, sorry i didnt say that in my previous post!
I've got 6" susp lift and 34" tire, avg around 15-16 better on highway
I dunnow.. somewhere around 6"?.. 15mpg. on 32" A/Ts. says the trip computer per tank.
3" lift here and you can see my average mpg in my sig
what did you get before the lift?
what did you get before the lift?
I drive a lot slower and easier on the throttle now with the tires/lift. When I was stock my BEST mpg trip was around 21 mpg all hwy w/cruise control and no a/C. Now that same trip is 18 mpg.

So with the tires/lift I've lost a solid 3 mpg.
The other thing to take into consideration is 4cyl or 6 and manual or auto trans.

Stock my 4cyl manual i was getting 28's taking it easy and all highway. Now with the shrock stuff and about 6" i can pull 17-18 if i take it easy.
8ish of lift on 35's. I get 12 or so city. and only like 13 at 65+ highway.
I think the 35's have more to do with it that the lift.
i get around 13mpg highway. no joke.

2" lift and get 16mpg. Trucks are pretty thirst stock. I lost at least 1.5 mpgs with the mini lift and tires.
before i put the calmini 5" incher on, i averaged a little over 400 miles to the tank with aboot2 gallons left when filling up. that was with the prg spacer lift and stock tires. now with the 5 inch lift iget about 300 miles to a tank with 33 inch mud terrains. what i really hate is having to down shift on the big hills.
5.5" with 33.5" tires and I am now averaging 17 with the Bully Dog, without it I was getting 13-14
Jesus, I cannot believe I am the first...

IT IS THE TIRES, not the lift.

My truck got the exact same pre-lift as it did post-lift until I put on new tires.

Stock tires are superlight tires...just replacing those cruddy rubbers with some real meat in the same size costs you 25% weight penalty in rotating mass.
I'm in the same boat. I got 19-20 MPG on the highway before and after the lift...When I put on 285/75's It dropped to about 17-18 MPG's but My speedo is off now so it's not as bad as it looks because I still fill up my take once every two weeks just like before.
i have 2" up front and 1.5" in back, i get between 20 and 21 mpg, still have stock tires till i redeploy home and put on a 2" bl and 285/75's though. maybe i drive like an old lady.
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