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Lift/Tire Help Please

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Hey guys, i did some research and i know this has probably been covered all over this form but id like some reassurance.

Im looking at getting the 3 inch ADF lift and shackles (Ebay lift) on my stock 2006 xe 4 cyl. And with that id like to get some bigger tires perhaps BFG mud terrains or BFG all terrains, either 31's or 33's.

So basically my questions to you guys is, will 33's fit with that lift? and will my little engine be able to push mud terrains or all terrains without straining too much?

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Yes, with a little bit of trimming maybe. And yes the motor will turn them just fine. It will decrease mpg's a bit, but nothing major. My truck still has enough juice to get sideways on dry pavement of do burnouts through 3rd on damp pavement. Still have no problem hitting triple digit speeds with them either.
i agree with wolfman.

you most likely would not have any problem with 31's, given you will use oem wheels and with 33's you will probably need some trimming on the front.
alright guys thanks for the advice. I think im gonna go ahead and order my lift soon, and hopefully find some new tires on craigslist. From what it sounds like 31's will probably be a better option.

31s are smaller than stock, the nismo's come with a 265 70 16 that is a 31.? tire. with a lift you can easily fit a 32in
well i dont have a nismo. i got just the basic deal man, im pretty sure my stock size is 235/75/15.

But i do have one more question, will the bfg mud or all terrains stick out any outside the fenders, cause i really like the look when they stick out a few inches. The way i figure, they will be right inside the wheel well/fenders and may look a little goffy??
How wide of a tire are you planning on going with?
If you like the "sticking out" look, it may be worth doing the Titan swap (search if you don't understand), and then spacers in the rear. Also, ProComp wheels help push the tires out a bit but just watch out, the newly forged ones have had issues so insure fitment before mounting the tires.
not really sure, i would think a 10.50
i have a 295/75 and it barely sticks out on stock rims like only by a hair. you will need wheeel spacers if you want the look but you will have to cut more because the offset is going to change. also when you get the lift, go buy some bump stops to add to your uca unless you are going with aftermarket. you will definitly hate the coil bucket contact so get some cheap bump stops to add on. good luck, show pics later
yea but im pretty sure wheel spacers are another 100 bucks or so? and i dont know if its truly worth all the hassle. Can you get cheap bumpstops at a local autoparts store, or is online my best choice?
the bump stops you can get get at autozone, you are also gonna need the cam bolts to help the alignment out.

there is a thread on the bump stops, they go on the UCA, I had the 3" on mine for a bit and the clearance is little to none.
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