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Lift questions

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i have an 07 se kc 4x4 with the ready lift spacers and shackles. i want a few more inches and was thinking a body lift. prob a 2 inch. also want to replace the leaf springs, what are good stiff ones for hauling? also want some more lift with those. thinking about coil overs, but wasn't sure if i could keep the spacers with those. What are some stiffer coil overs? whats a good body lift? would i need extended brake lines with 4.5 inches lift? would adjustable uca be compatable? any suggestions? any one running 33's with 4 inches lift?
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Since you mentioned a body lift, I assume you are very good with your hands since you know the BL is not an easy or quick thing.

The rear is easy, just make a hybrid Frontier/Xterra pack. this will give you extra arch and leafs for extra load.

If you don't want to do that then have PRG or Alcan or etc.. make you a pack and for godness sakes, ditch the shackles, they do nothing but give you extra lift and kill the leafs. Not worth it.

The front is a bit harder. You are limited since you are 4wd. You are almost entering the drop bracket zone. You can do a Tswap w/ coilover (ditch the spacer) and custom axle shafts from PRG and you won't have to do the DB. All other option require the DB which may cost you more then you want to spend.
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