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Lift questions

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i have an 07 se kc 4x4 with the ready lift spacers and shackles. i want a few more inches and was thinking a body lift. prob a 2 inch. also want to replace the leaf springs, what are good stiff ones for hauling? also want some more lift with those. thinking about coil overs, but wasn't sure if i could keep the spacers with those. What are some stiffer coil overs? whats a good body lift? would i need extended brake lines with 4.5 inches lift? would adjustable uca be compatable? any suggestions? any one running 33's with 4 inches lift?
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so the coil over will add 2" and the uca will add another 2"?
so the coil overs add 2". the uca will eliminate cb contact. i want the prg heavy duty leaf pack that will give me 2". that means i have 2" all the way around. would like to stay away from a BL if possible. how do i get another 2" all the way around? adjustable shackles from prg in the rear? and a 2" spacer on top of the coilovers?
ive seen on here where guys do a coil over with aftermarket uca then like a 1-2" spacer on top. anyone know if this works? and since i dont have a ton of money i will prob be doing peices at a time, anyone have problems with blocks in the rear?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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