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Lift question

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I daily drive my fronty, as I am sure many do here. However I have considered doing a 2" or 3" lift ony my 2010 SE CC, and I do plan on keeping the stock tire size. I want the stock look, but still that "there something different" look. So with a small lift like 2-3" and stock tire sizes, will this effect my gas mileage? I drive quite a bit and am not looking to hurt my gas mileage much. Can some one please give me an idea of what this will do to my gas mileage, if any (looking for city, as this is mostly what I drive).
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I will most likely go with a 2 inch lift. However I am not partial to the look of leveling kits, I want to raise the suspention in all corners the same amount. Do you recomend any kits that will do this for me, and wont break the bank?
2" lift front n back actually doesn't look bad. I even liked it better than just the 2" in the front with the spacer to level the truck. It's my current set up right now with stock 265/70/16. It still gives you the stock look with a lil bit of aggressiveness to it. I don't see it hurting my gas mileage. The only bad makes me want to lift it more.
Yes, this is exactly what i wnat to do, what set up did you use and what was the cost?

If you can can pm me some pics of what your set up looks like?
Thanks man I am definately gonna go for the 2 inch all the way around. Did you have to get an alignment after the install?
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