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Lift question

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I daily drive my fronty, as I am sure many do here. However I have considered doing a 2" or 3" lift ony my 2010 SE CC, and I do plan on keeping the stock tire size. I want the stock look, but still that "there something different" look. So with a small lift like 2-3" and stock tire sizes, will this effect my gas mileage? I drive quite a bit and am not looking to hurt my gas mileage much. Can some one please give me an idea of what this will do to my gas mileage, if any (looking for city, as this is mostly what I drive).
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2" lift front n back actually doesn't look bad. I even liked it better than just the 2" in the front with the spacer to level the truck. It's my current set up right now with stock 265/70/16. It still gives you the stock look with a lil bit of aggressiveness to it. I don't see it hurting my gas mileage. The only bad makes me want to lift it more.
This is where I got mine from PRG Products there's a selection to get the 2" spacer n the variable shackles and that's exactly what I have. Install was pretty easy DIY. I'm not that mechanically savvy so I went for the shackles, otherwise I would've went for the deaver leaf.
I'll see about getting pictures taken today. lol. I might take a ride to a nissan dealer and take a pic side by side with a stock one. Also, mine is a KC. Man I wished I would've gotten the CC instead. I looked at one the other day and for the extra room in the back I'll take that over having a 6ft bed.
I think my laziness doesn't wanna get out today, here's a pic I took looking at from my balcony on the 3rd floor.
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And here's a pic of a stock CC that's also in the same apartement area I live at. Excuse me from not having a good pic taken. But hey that's the best I can do from my balcony.
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I've emailed Greg/PRG and asked him the same thing. His replied was 1 out of 5 (or 10, I cant remember which) ppl would need to get an alignment done. As of right now you can adjust the toe on your truck, but not the camber and caster. I did mine and haven't gotten it align yet. I think you might be alright without it. But then again I'm also going to get new set of wheels n tires in the future so I don't really care about my tires right now.
I've warned you that the 2" lift might make you want to lift your truck a lil higher. If you have the money you might want to consider getting something that you can use in the future to increase your ride height. The back is pretty straight forward, you can combine the shackle, blocks, and AAL to increase the height. But for the front, you might wanna research a bit.
I see on your sig. you're running 285/75/16. I just saw one not too long ago, even talked to the guy, he was only running a 2" spacers and 1.5" blocks. Had only minor rubbing issue on the passenger side. Did you have any rubbing issues?
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