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Lift question

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Im looking to put 33's on my 04 Frontier 4x4. How high do i need to go and where can i find a good lift? i was thinking of 3" body and 3" suspension but am mainly looking for some good advice on it.

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check out look under the articles and then to the tire size guide. this should help with how high. good luck on your lift.
Thanks for the tip. that helps with how high i need to go to get the tires i want. now i have to find a lift to get me that high.
what kind of wheeling will you be doing. Important question to think of first?
General offroading and mudding. Not planning anything like rock crawling or prerunner stuff really. Any help on lift choices would be greatly appreciated. I want to end up a total of 6-7 inches half body and half suspension. Thank far i am really impressed with the help this forum offers!
you could probably run 33's without the body lift. i would really try to avoid a body lift if at all possible.
3" ain't going to clear 33's.
Yeah If i want the 33's like i was planning i'll need to do the 3" body and 3" suspension, both of which i've found on Are there any good places to find some good tires and wheels for a good price? I was thinking of all black rims too? Thank you so much for all of the help and feedback i've gotten so far. special thanks to aztecnissan03 the info is helping me out ALOT!
no prob just passing down the

PM sent
So I just found some 305/65/17 pro comp extreme mud terrains, so i have the tires. Then i found both 3" body and suspension lifts on, but now i need help with getting the wheels for it. I've found some all black ATX Off-road that i like but need some help figuring out if they'll fit the 04 frontier? any help would be appreciated!! THANKS!!!
3" ain't going to clear 33's.
i run 33s no problem..... with ONLY a 3 inch suspension lift
i run 33s no problem..... with ONLY a 3 inch suspension lift
sig says 33's and a lot of fab work....sounds like there was a problem before there was no problem.....
what backspacing do you run fusion
I did the samething your wanting to do. all parts from except rims and tires.
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i run 33s no problem..... with ONLY a 3 inch suspension lift
this is whom i was refering to when i said you can run them without a body lift
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