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Excited to have purchased my lift kit! I wanted to do it in two phases w/ the option of additional lift in the future.

Phase 1:
Bilstein 5100 w OME Springs (Preassembled, 1.5-2") - $570 at Suspensionlifts
Adjustable Shackles (.7" to 1.5") - $140 at Z1
OEM Cam Bolts - $110 at Amazon
Rear Shocks (mostly to upgrade the SV) - $100 N3 Rough Country Shocks

Phase 2:
1"-1.5" Spacer
Adjust Rear to 1.5" depending on rake.

I didn't want to spend the money on the full lift just right now until i got my tires/wheels. I also wanted to have the option to see how much i liked the ride on 5100s (lowest clip) and balance the ride vs lift height. There's too much complexity in the rear for me to understand AAL vs Leaf Pack vs Shackles vs Blocks and w/ such a minor lift i might not even add the Z1 rears if the stance is ok. I'll have to do more research for the rear to fit my needs.

Mostly i wanted a better ride than stock SV and targeting 3" total that could clear 285/70s. The SV is riding really hard right now, but with 250 miles on the clock maybe i just haven't broken in. I feel if i hit a pothole at any speed i'm going to fly.

Photos once i get them and install. I plan to DIY w/ a professional alignment.
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