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The Nisstec lift has been great but keep in is just third-party components that Nisstec packages together and sells as a lift; i.e., Radflo coilovers, SPC control arms, Bilstein shocks, etc. Extremely easy to install. I did it by myself with air tools in half a day.

I didn't use gap guards. In fact, I don't have any front fender liners currently either. I've been running without them for a couple weeks now. Just waiting to find time to install the new ones I bought - the old ones were getting ratty and ripped.

I have never had anything in the can see clear through under the bed above the rear tires. Never really bothered me and no one has ever commented on it.

I do want to replace all the body lift hardware with grade 8 stuff though. The hardware 4x4parts sends with their lift kits is garbage and rusts horribly.
Yeah, my body bolts are rusted to **** as well and they've only been on since March.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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