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legroom in 2016 SV crew cab

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I have had my 2016 SV crew cab for about a year. I have seen some older threads about the legroom and wanting to adjust the front seat. I love the truck, just see after driving this long that I wish I could adjust this a bit. Anyone found anything recently for this.

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So here I am March 2021 and I see nobody has a real solution to the drivers seat sliding back further than the stock slide allows. I am only 6 ft but have a bad lower back and I've just purchased this 2016 SV crew cab and already I need the extra leg room. My left leg is able to fully straighten but not my right because of the pedals. I was told by the salesman ( Lincoln dealership) that I can get different seat rails etc to suit me. I think I just need about 3-4 more inches to slide the seat back and it would be great. Long trips are going to be terrible for me and no lumbar adjustment is another bad loss. Has anyone found a solution ?
Not sure about more rearward movement, but the power seats from a Pro4 ( which I just happen to own ), do have manual lumbar adjustment via a lever, and the squab height can be changed front-to-rear on a limited angle of travel. A seat upgrade may be just what you are wanting, I have a bad back, knees and a trick hip, courtesy of a rear impact at 70MPH in 2006, so I can feel your pain, literally.
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