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legroom in 2016 SV crew cab

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I have had my 2016 SV crew cab for about a year. I have seen some older threads about the legroom and wanting to adjust the front seat. I love the truck, just see after driving this long that I wish I could adjust this a bit. Anyone found anything recently for this.

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My wife has a Murano and I always felt like that vehicle was comfortable for me. Out of curiosity I did some measurements this weekend when that seat was pushed all the way back and actually the legroom from edge of seat to peddles was really not different. However, one thing I note that makes me a little more comfortable in that vehicle was being able to lower the seat more. I think there were some other posts related to seat height in the past also. Did anyone ever note if the power seats are able to go lower than the manual. The manual is what I have. Also, of note, this weekend I went by a dealer and sat in a Titan. Actually, the leg room felt pretty much the same. So, maybe the seat height is really more my issue than the actual legroom.
I think there was a past post about someone cutting down the legs some but in the back so that would lower the back part of the seat but not the front.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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