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Leer Top 05+ CC Storm Gray

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I have a XL100 cap bought new in 06' Leer Top. I paid $1625 new for it has all of the features available removable front glass, side windows with screens, carpet, fiberglass, and light inside.

Make an offer located at 44039 I may meet you for delivery if you come from far away.

Willing to let go cheap would love to trade for a 125 or 250 cc dirt bike most any year or model will do prefer running condition but will interest all offers.

Also willing to accept acessories for the Frontier .

Check my pictures for pictures of the cap. More available on request.
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Sweet cap, one of the few I've seen on the CCs that I really like.
Love the bevel at the rear of the cap window, it accents the rear window on the cab.
This should help you out, here's his truck with the cap on it:

Good luck with the sale.
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I agree with you. In 05 Leer Made this cap specifically for SEMA and the Frontier to show off what the new Frontier was going to look like and could look like.

I have always liked the cap and is flawless! My son has just gotten into dirt bike more this year and it was the first summer it was off the truck hauling bikes to the track and mountains.
Too bad you're so far away GAT, been looking for one for my Storm Gray.

Bump. I have had interest but still available.
Why Do You Guys Always Put Stuff Up For Sale 2 Months Afted I Bought 1 Snugtop But Still I Like That Leer
Man I could use that, wish I had the dough! You're in PA? How much you looking to get?
Man I could use that, wish I had the dough! You're in PA? How much you looking to get?
He's not in PA, he's in North Ridgeville, OH.
Man I could use that, wish I had the dough! You're in PA? How much you looking to get?
$600 or a 125CC or larger Dirt bike any year/ model
Tempting... Wish you weren't 8+ hours away from me.
You have a PM
Well, I wanted this but the OP is lost in space.
Pretty close to me Gat. My truck is a bit darker than Storm Gray or I would take it! Good luck.
Guys sorry about being MIA for a bit. I had some stuff happen in my world that took me away. It's mostly sorted out now. The cap is off the truck and ready for anyone to come and pick it up.

If anyone is still out there interested in it let me know.

Thanks again,
Cap Is Sold!

Thanks to all that had interest. One of the Members from Chicago picked it up on Saturday. Thanks to all again.
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