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LED mirror turn signal

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I bought some of these Car Side Mirror Arrow LED Light 28 smd Turn Signal : eBay Motors (item 270468960925 end time Feb-08-10 19:57:35 PST) and decided to install them on my Frontier. I did my research and watched this video on youtube

Much to my dismay...

Yep, I broke the fu :censor: in' mirror! :pullout:

I am gonna list the LED signals on the For Sale forum and Craigslist. I bought a 'cut-to-fit' plastic mirror and hopefully it will work.

If you decide to do this mod, BE CAREFUL!!
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This morning I re-examined the mirror and realized that the reason the mirror broke was that I SKIPPED A STEP! I forgot to remove the mirror from the housing BEFORE trying to remove the glass from the plastic! :damn:

I will see if I can get an auto glass place to replace the mirror glass. This may be a salvageable operation after all!
That would actually be pretty cool! If you do it put a write up on here too. I think I might try it if it turns out well for you.
That will look cool if you get it figured out. I like the idea that you do not see the flasher till it is engaged. Now if Nissan would have just put this option on to start with it would save you and me alot of hassle.

Keep us posted.
I removed the broken mirror from the housing and took it to Nissan stealership to see about availability. They said they could order this piece for $25.

I will check with an auto glass place Monday and then the junkyard, and if I get no result then I'll go to the stealership.
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I was behind a S10 the other day and I saw them little turn arrows from autozone mounted on the back bumper next to the lic plate. Looked pretty good I thought.
finish the mod

OK, I finally am gonna finish this mod! But this time I am going to be patient and follow ALL the directions! Here is the step I forgot to do when I broke the mirror the first time: "Remove the mirror from the mirror housing".

I ordered a replacement mirror from Nissan ($25) and this time I followed the directions - all of them! I used the heat gun around the edges for about a minute to loosen the glue. I burned my thumbs doing this, so I recommend wearing gloves and be patient and gently persuade the mirror backing loose as too much pressure on a cold mirror with the glue still hard will end up with broken glass!!

Once the mirror was free from the backing, I used a cutout of the arrow size to stencil the outline of where I needed to cut. (The mirror needs to be separated from the backing BEFORE you attempt to cut the backing as any scratches or cuts in the mirror will cause the reflective coating to come off!)

I used a Dremel with a cutting disc to cut the area for the LED arrow.

I placed the LED arrow on the mirror back and used the supplied red sealing tape to hold it there. I rejoined the mirror and the backing and then used stretchable electrical tape to cover the arrow.

I soldered the arrow wiring to the wiring I had ran through the door. I will connect the positive leads to the turn signal terminals on the BCM tomorrow. The left signal is terminal 60 and the right signal is 61. The negative leads will go to chassis ground.

I hooked the driver side up to 12 volts just to see what it looks like.

From the outside:

From the driver seat:
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Nice work!!! So it can be done.:goodjob:
Nice work!!! So it can be done.:goodjob:
Yes, it can be done! I was in too much of a rush the first time.

There is something I left out of my post: I had to buy the passenger mirror replacement TWICE. :pullout:

Why? Well, after I got the first replacement mirror, I re-installed it in the housing but I didn't have it securely mounted and as I entered the freeway the next morning and merged across the reflectors I watched as it fell off!!

When you go to re-install the mirror in the housing MAKE SURE IT IS MOUNTED SECURELY!

I'll connect the signal wires to the BCM this afternoon after I get off work.
did you have to cut the backing? and why?
I'll say this, you are a determined man.
Looks good so far.
So far so good, I was wondering about how to do this. Sorry to hear about the little hiccups
did you have to cut the backing? and why?
I cut the backing (plastic material) to accomodate the space taken up by the arrow and the SMDs, a little more than an 1/8th inch.

After breaking one mirror, then watching another one fall off the truck, I thought it would be wise to not force the glass into the backing and risk the chance of breaking 3 mirrors!

I did a search on youtube for "LED mirror install" and saw how a guy from Muth Mirrors cut the backing and it made sense to me.
Any photos of the mirror in day lite without the turn flashers on?

Looks like a good mod, thanks for sharing especially the ooops and problems.
Any photos of the mirror in day lite without the turn flashers on?
I'll get some pics and movie after I get them wired up.
Very nice! i think i will do the heated mirror mod at the same time i do this.

I got the positive leads for LEDs wired up to terminals 60 and 61 on BCM M20 and the negative leads to chassis ground. They do flash with the HAZARD switch engaged, but not with the turn signal engaged. :censor:

The factory schematic and wire color guide are inaccurate as far as the theory of operation and wire color. :censor: I guess I will have to use the old multimeter probing each different terminal to find the right ones. The turn signals will have to wait for another day.

Here is a link to the movie I shot of the signals flashing. Frontier :: MirrorSignals.flv video by jagnorb - Photobucket
Do they possibly need more resistance to flash?

Here is the Turn signal and Hazard lights theory of operation. I am pretty sure I have the positive leads hooked up to terminal 60 (left) and 61 (right), yet they only come on when the Hazards are selected...

I have to do some more research...


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