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LEDs plugged in.
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LEDs unplugged.
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So I had purchased the XPR backup bulbs from diodedynamics for my truck (2008) and installed them and noticed a huge improvement of brightness but I also noticed that my after market backup camera image is now distorted whenever I put the truck into reverse. I had unplugged the led reverse lights and the image is restored. Anyone else experience this?
I have these YitaMotor units:
They are quite bright & I have zero issues with radio noise or backup camera distortions, but I also have an OE RF headunit, so perhaps as another noted, it could be aftermarket head interfering with the LEDs and camera installation. For how cheap the Yita's are, I'd recommend try them and see if it fixes your issue. They're very easy to swap out, thankfully pulling the taillamp assemblies is super-simple. Headlamps, yeah, not so much.
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