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Leaf Springs

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Hey dudlers, my frontier's leaf springs are more flat then curved, just looking at it you can see the back end sags a little more then it should. I was just gunna get some bigger shackles to compensate for it, but down the road i eventually wanna pull a boat and wouldnt mind it being able to hold more of a load. Wondering what would be my best bet to just replace them or to aal?
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When snapped my drivers side pack I just had a local shop make up a new pack. They did both sides and added a leaf for under $500 Canadian (I live in BC) it sat higher in the back but it didnt make the ride any stiffer. A quick T-Bar crank and she leveled right out. Sat alot prouder on the road too. Most trailer shops have the ability to make or repair leaf packs.
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