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Ok, so I installed an AAL kit made by ReadyLift. Said 1.5” to 2” for most models, but some light trucks could reach up to 4”. I’m going to say I’ve gotten more so between 2.5-3” and I have around 250lbs on the bed (not in).

Here me out: I DID NOT MEASURE TIRE FENDER DISTANCE PRIOR TO INSTALL, because I wasn’t doing this for lift height. I added the leaf to add structure and increase the payload a bit.


I was at a level stance by using Bilstein 5100’s all around and a 1.5” shackle to level. No issues. Installed leaf due to the sag my rack and equipment introduced (I’m gonna say around 250lbs constant on the bed). Before adding the leaf, I was bouncing everywhere. Literally bucking like a bronco. Since adding the leaf, the truck doesn’t do that. Awesome but...

Front end from tire to fender is sitting firmly at 6.75” vs. the rear sitting firmly at a clean 8”. I’ve put 3,000miles on the new set up, after reintroducing the rake with the AAL.

The first 500 miles were nice and smooth. Went off-roading maybe 5 times since, nothing crazy just kind of crawling. Other than the one time the inside of my truck was covered in mosquitos and had to haul out but still nothing too crazy. I Believe the off-roading to be the main cause of the new vibes, so...

Other than that just typical road driving. Steady speeds, some sling shot maneuvers to pass, but no drags or burnouts or anything too jolting.

What I’ve been noticing over the last 1,500.

First: I left the ubolts for the spring plate long (didn’t cut them, nothing a deep socket can’t pull). I set them at 80ftlbs during install, felt some vibes, after retorquing them I put them at an even 100 due to the added leaf (I’ve seen some kits call for 187ftlbs on other trucks)

Second: In the last 750 miles the AAL make some noise (def greased the **** out of them upon install...but probably picked up some dirt, no big deal) which made me inspect everything around the leaf packs.

•I noticed a few bent ubolts, the rubber bushing that sits across the pack that bolts together the spring clip is now split in half (only on the passenger side). And, a small space between the added leaf and the next leaf above. Just toward the ends (where normally you’d install some Teflon) but I did notice that the leaf pack is juuuuust out of alignment. Just to add: not the main leaves, solely the rebound is off ever so slightly from the rest of the pack.

Now, I also drive a 350 superduty with a dump body— so rough rides, wind blasts, road vibrations are no secret and honestly... I love them on THOSE trucks. Not this.

And- The thing is, I was originally thinking maybe some axel wrap had been introduced, so over the last two days I drove it at 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 at 5 miles a piece (Perk of living on this straight and flat *** island)...I don’t feel it’s axel wrap. Maybe wheel hop, maybe a slight difference in pinion angle; Mostly, I feel whatever I am feeling is some type of lateral movement. Solely in the rear and at the springs.

As many of you know this truck has a slight bog in the mid range, and the over-drive does make some noise when in certain conditions. THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M FEELING. The driveline feels fine 0-40. The driveline feels fine 60 and over. The driveline between 40-50 is normally where I feel that midrange bog. My gas mileage is around 14/15 towning it, and upwards of 20 on the highway.

But— now for your opinions.

•What is making this lateral play/caused the rebound to slightly misalign?

•Could it be wheel hop or axel wrap?

•Am I in denial of the pinion angle? **(clubfroniter mates say pinion angle isn’t really a problem for this truck and see some members have introduced shims to the leaf pack)

•What is the original rake difference? (Because I really don’t feel 1.25” is too far off from stock rake difference)

At this point in time I want to do a few things as a sort of process of elimination (f*n yay!)

  1. Add simple fold spring clips to leaf pack and AAL (front and rear of axle) to keep those aligned over the rebound.
  2. Add a solid set of grade 8 spring clamps somewhere around 2.5/3” from front and rear of axel —thus clamping the rebound to the entire leaf pack (for mental note: refer to Hellwig helper spring set up and notice where their ubolts attach to pack, less the helper being there)
Any thoughts would help! Let it be known in cornering, high winds, and off-roading is where it gets the worst.

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If you lift with springs, you shouldn't need shims. No matter what, the 2 ds angles need to be equal.
The shocks control rebound. If theyre worn, replace them.
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